Eventbild für Johanna Reich u.a. // The Shape of Time

Johanna Reich u.a. // The Shape of Time

06.11.2018 – 21.12.2018
Casa Eizalde, BARCELONA

Liebe Freunde und Kunstinteressierte, wir laden Sie herzlich zur Ausstellung ein.

While rejecting any comparison with traditional media, the video is characterized by its ephemeral nature and a specific language integrated in the time it approaches the cinema. Generally devoid of a narrative structure, video art often unfolds moving images to build symbolic imaginaries that insinuate specific social, historical and economic settings. The exhibition brings together a selection of works that, through poetic associations between music and images, explain geopolitical contexts and present the video as a creative vehicle of stories.  

Exhibition commissioned by LOOP Barcelona, within the framework of the LOOP Festival 2018. LOOP is a videocreation festival that for 10 days converts Barcelona to the world capital of video art, with a program full of exhibitions and activities in more than 70 spaces in the city.

Marco Godoy | Ángel Marcos | Shahar Marcus | Miguel Ángel Ríos | Johanna Reich

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