Eventbild für Philipp Höning /// METHLIFE at a-Musik Spätkauf

Philipp Höning /// METHLIFE at a-Musik Spätkauf

07.02.2019 19:00
a-musik, Kleiner Griechenmarkt 28-30, 50676 Köln

"…Fleeing from his creditors, Methlife hid in Tokyo for five months. He earned his living

trading in fake Wolfgang Voigt editions, indexed ambient and Japanese supermarket music.

He kept the best pieces for himself to rescue them across the border into the Rhineland…“


Schwarze Pädagogik/Black Pedagogics is a series of unevenly occuring radioshows and mixtapes from the collection of the „artist“ itself.

To see and hear at dublab.com, dublab.de

the shows are archived at


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