Eventbild für Frederike de Graft u.a. /// Night Sweats

Frederike de Graft u.a. /// Night Sweats

15.08.2019 – 18.08.2019
Galerie 21 Künstlerhaus / Vorwerkstift in Hamburg
Vorwerkstr. 21
20357 Hamburg

Liebe Freunde und Kunstinteressierte, wir laden Sie herzlich zur Ausstellung ein.

Do, 15.08., ab 18:00 Uhr

Fr, 16.08., Sa, 17.08., So, 18.08.
je 15:00 Uhr – 19:00 Uhr 

Wir würden uns sehr freuen, dich und euch dort zu sehen. Frederike & Johanna & Laura & Sabrina

I dream of falling.
This dream is returning again and again,
I dream of getting lost in the crowd, searching and searching.
It’s always in half-sleep, somehow:
I feel my teeth with my tongue and they’re all loose,
hanging by a thread.
Then I wake up.
I’m standing on top a chequered pyramid, looking down
And then I fall down the pyramid and see myself falling in bird’s view
And that’s where I wake up, always.
I’m in a forest
And there’s a hollow root
I don’t dare go inside
Because I know there is a witch
But later I’m back again, older
And I go inside
And inside is the witch surrounded by her trinkets and potions.
I’m in my bed nearly asleep
And there in a shadowy corner is someone
I’m sure it’s a silhouette
And I don’t move or breathe
And I keep as still as I can
To not be noticed.


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