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14.04.2023 – 31.05.2023

Klaus Weber u.a. /// Remedios: Where new land might grow

C3A Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía, Córdoba

Eventbild für Klaus Weber u.a. /// Remedios: Where new land might grow

Remedios stands for healing, reparation, restitution, recuperation, and the longing to transform the world into what it might become. With contributions from over forty artists that include Amazonian, Pacific, Indigenous American, Afro-diasporic, and European perspectives, the exhibition Remedios: Where new land might grow invites the public to engage with works of art for solace, respite, and replenishment. The works, selected from the TBA21 Collection and the commissioning bodies TBA21 on st_age and TBA21–Academy, echo the curative paths of healers and elders who have politically, culturally, and spiritually guided communities through the remembrance of past wrongs toward reconciliation and the celebration of renewed worlding. 

For some artists, healing begins with the cadences of the body; the purification of the spirit; the articulations of language, sacred shapes, materials, and symbols; or in their perception of time and history. Others direct their care at the land, the environment, and their respective communities. As environments are reshaped by mining, logging, agriculture, and resource extraction, they impact and alter their respective ecosystems. There is no longer a choice to be made between social and environmental justice, both are entangled and reinforce each other. “Remedios” is committed to proposals that consider and reflect these entangled politics while trusting the regenerational capacities art can offer to unfold as, “an origin + + where new land might grow + + +” (Akimel O'otham and Mojave poet Natalie Diaz). 

In an ailing world, art can hold contradictions and conflicts where politics cannot. This capacity aligns it with the work of healers and guardians—performing, adapting, rethinking itself on behalf of itself and in the service of others. The artists in the exhibition contribute works such as a large assembly tent, a kupixawa, by the Amerindian Huni Kuin in collaboration with Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto; a mothership dreamcatcher by Brad Kahlhamer; and mesmerizing video installation by Sharon Lockhart celebrating Noa Eshkol’s abstract repertoire of gestures and movements. 

With new commissions by Regina de Miguel, Courtney Desiree Morris, and Eduardo Navarro, these works lay out a critical trajectory connecting the ancestral to the present time and help us gauge what is at stake in today’s struggles. They are a source of strength and replenishment in the face of collective anxiety triggered by the profound transformation of economic, political, and technological relations.

Curator: Daniela Zyman, Artistic Director of TBA21.

Artists: Marina Abramović, Kader Attia, Cecilia Bengolea, Gabriel Chaile, Regina de Miguel, José Covo, Natalie Díaz, Olafur Eliasson, Noa Eshkol, Fengyi Guo, Newell Harry, Brad Kahlhamer, Sharon Lockhart, Pavlo Makov, Thiago Martins de Melo, Asunción Molinos Gordo, Courtney Desiree Morris, Eduardo Navarro, Shirin Neshat, Ernesto Neto y los Huni Kuin, Xiomara de Oliver, Daniel Otero Torres, Mònica Planes, Plata con Víctor Barrios, Nohemí Pérez, Belén Rodríguez, Selma Selman, Sandra Vasquez de la Horra, Klaus Weber and Francesca Woodman, among others.


Friday, April 14, 2023

7:00 pm Remedios: Where new land might grow Opening

8:00 pm + + DREAM BONES + + BOWERY NATION + +
Musical and poetic performance by Brad Kahlhamer with David Caro Torralba and Patricia Rezai
C3A Centro de Creación Contemporánea

Saturday, April 15, 2023

12:00 pm Meet the Artists
With Courtney Desiree Morris, Brad Kahlhamer, Newell Harry, Mònica Planes, PLATA, and Sandra Vasquez de la Horra, moderated by Daniela Zyman
In the assembly tent installation by Ernesto Neto and the Huni Kuin

5:00 pm Bendición A ritual performance offering 
Procession by Courtney Desiree Morris with Martin Perna, Helena Martos, Antonio L. Pedraza and Coro Brouwer
Meeting point at Arco del Triunfo and parade to C3A Centro de Creación Contemporánea

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