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We light a beacon for an open and inclusive society!

We light a beacon for an open and inclusive society!

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31.08.2023 – 04.09.2023

Jana Rippmann u.a. /// Rhizome structures

Pop-Up Raum Grindel
Grindelallee 129
20146 Hamburg

Eventbild für Jana Rippmann u.a. /// Rhizome structures

„Rhizome structures“


Will open its doors, the 31st of August 


A rhizome as a non-linear, non-hirarchical structure, that connects all the different dots in a bigger, branched out way. 

A structure, that leads in this case, from Hamburg over Kopenhagen, to Buenos Aires, Brussels, Münster, Berlin, Paris and Luzern. Creating an intertwined system, that develops more on a broader than a higher sense. 

Non-hirarchical also in the terms of media and materials, that are beeing used. 

The works shown in the exhibition, convey a big sensitivity for the material itself, the location and the content. 

From streaky structures, over fine threads, to shimmering surfaces, porous materials… to absorbing sound and a teeming in the air. 

All together unifying in the poetics of belonging and connectivity.


We are very happy to welcome you



31.8. 7pm 

Grindelallee 129, 20146 Hamburg 



Franziska Baumgartner

Stephanie Becquet

Alessandra Carosi 

Lena Dues 

Andrea Fortmann 

Marjolein Guldentops 

Maud Gyssels 

Sophie Heck 

Gilles Hellemans 

Fabienne Immoos 

Soomin Kirn 

Mina Lindschau 

Irina Martyshkova 

Niels Poiz 

Sophie Rebentisch

Mira Reeh 

Philipp Reuver 

Jana Rippmann 

Natalia Schmidt 

Xintong Sun 

Yui Tombana 


Thank you very much for hosting us @kreativgesellschaft ????️



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