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  We decided to curate our works by looking at them carefully and closely. Different ways of dealing with them could provide new possibilities of presentation. Leaving the working places as they are, intervening in them by comments or any other visual marks, combining discussion as well as nonverbal interaction. Deciding on a curatorial team of eight or more, all those who wanted to engage in the process of curating. The space was emptied and painted to create a new common ground of negotiating works within it. In this new situation some rules titled Wild West were set:
° 1. Take care, do not destroy anything.
° 2. You can move and change anything,
but remember rule 1.
° 3. Before you move a work,
take a photo of the situation.
° 4. You can work here,
These rules lasted for six days, Wild West was in working and discussions continued. Hanging, curation, what could work together in the space, questions whether there was anything we couldn’t show, a constant change of the situation occurred. How much space does a work need, do we involve parts of the process into the exhibition?
Can the discussion become a work in itself? Do the performances need a timetable, do they need to be announced? As time was running out and we needed to make decisions, we stated to push everyone to come with more works and contributions to be discussed to have more options concerning combinations of works.
Preventing unnecessary narratives between works and finding new ways of combining different practices became an important part of creating space for each one of them.
 but you may have to remove your traces.

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