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Klasse Aernout Mik »nap. turn off to be on«
 Bei nap. geht es nicht darum, alles über das Schlafen zu lernen, aber alles Wichtige, um erfolgreich einen erhol- samen Schlaf zu erleben.
Für deine individuelle nap.experience bitte 15 Minu- ten vor Beginn da sein. FSK 18.
Der Warteraum empfängt Sie durchgängig mit ex- klusiven Getränken.
° 20 mins. of HOPE*, 12:00, Rescue yourself by
smoothing into your glorious day
° 30 mins. to BREAK FREE**, Raise your voice to free
yourself from unbalancing thoughts
° 60 mins. SNOOZE***, Find gratitude by calming
down completely
*This sleeping length keeps you in the lighter stages of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, which makes it easier to go about your day after waking up.
**The 60 minutes nap, a favorite among students, is best if you want to improve your memory for facts, faces and names.
***The 90 minutes sleep cycle includes REM and impro- ves emotional and procedural memory and creativity.
  R-U-N-D-G-A-N-G 48

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