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15.09.2020 – 26.09.2020


155A Lordship Lane
East Dulwich, London
SE22 8HX

Eventbild für Jörg Kratz ///  GHOSTS THAT LIVE AMONGST US

Curated by Robyn Graham

19 SAT & 20 SUN
11AM - 5PM


Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 11am - 5pm
or by appointment

In recent months many of us have found ourselves reminiscing about a time we knew before, a conflict has grown between the past and the
present and a heightened awareness of the traces that have been left behind now haunt us. Ghosts That Live Amongst Us contemplates the
artefacts and activities which have written a narrative of the spaces we inhabit and have spent time.

A slow opening event will take place over Saturday and Sunday the 19th and 20th of September, 11 am - 5 pm at 155a Gallery on Lordship Lane,
East Dulwich, London, SE22 8HX. Booking in advance is not required, however, entry into the gallery may be controlled to fascinate current
social distancing measures. Please also bring a mask or face covering to help keep other visitors and staff as safe as possible, unless you
are exempt from current guidelines.

Participating artists are: Anna Arbiter, Mark Beldan, Elliott Chambers, Benjamin Heiken, Rob Lyon, Tom Medwell, Travis Morehead, Andrei Pokrovskii, Machteld Solinger, Rebecca Truscott-Elves, Andrea V. Wright, Ethan Caflisch, Florence Carr, Rachael Causer, Georgia Grinter, Oliver Hoffmeister, Jörg Kratz, Jinyong Park, Silke Weißbach

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