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Nicoline van Harskamp /// Performance /// My Name is Language

Multi-channel live stream

Eventbild für Nicoline van Harskamp /// Performance /// My Name is Language
Image: My Name is Language (Mein Name ist Sprache) at steirischer herbst Graz, 2018. Photo by Clara Wildenberger

Time: 14:00, 15:30, 17:00

Why do hundreds of people have no first name registered in their Belgian passport? Do you consider Kevin to be a more Flemish a name than Diederik? How many generations of your female ancestors can you name? Would a BBC World news anchor pronounce your name the way you, yourself, would? What role have names played in the nation-building of Congo, Israel and Belgium?

Seven strangers in a waiting room tell each other stories about the role of names and language in their lives. They use more than ten languages, and the names that they talk about exist in an even wider linguistic spectrum. The audience, waiting among them in the same room, can read English subtitles on information monitors overhead. However in this space, names are translated and subtitled like any other word.

My Name is Language (Mijn Naam is Taal) is the fourth edition of Nicoline van Harskamp’s performance series that started in 2018. She has researched and written this new edition specifically for the context of Antwerpen. It is performed at M HKA by Alona Umanskaya, Ivana Noa, Joris Bultnyck, Kenneth Phillip George, Marie-France Vodikulwakidi Kiabelo, Nazanin Fakoor and Renato Brabants.

Practical information

Van Harskamp’s book My Name is Language, published by Scriptings and Archive Books, is available for the first time on the day of the performance. It contains scripts and images from earlier My Name is Language performances, and from PDGN (the video work on display in the museum), as well as and essay and a fiction excerpt by other authors.

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