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08.06.2021 18:00

Münster Lecture /// Katja Heitmann, Choreographin, Tilburg


Eventbild für Münster Lecture /// Katja Heitmann, Choreographin, Tilburg

Katja Heitmann (1987, DE) investigates in her visual-choreographic work what moves mankind in the current era. Katja Heitmann's choreographic work consists of extreme aesthetics, in sharp contrast to human fallibility. Her minimalistic and minutely designed imagery confronts viewers with a frantic flood of insights. This distinct, perceptible tension returns in all her work. 
As a choreographic sculptor, Katja is constantly searching for the core of her material. By means of radical concepts and well-considered forms of performance, she strips her artistic material of any noise. Only that what really matters is shown with astonishing sharpness. In every detail of her work lies the grand gesture.
Katja Heitmann wants to touch her audience. Through her work she constantly seeks interaction with society, with the city, with people. The universal character of her work makes it possible for anyone who wants to find their own entrance to the work. Katja Heitmann creates unique performance installations and movement exhibitions that appeal to an astonishingly varied audience and regularly stir them to tears.
In 2016 Katja was awarded the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival. In 2020 she was honoured with the prestigious Gieskes Strijbis Podium-award for her original oeuvre.

The coming years Katja Heitmann and her dancers-team are developing Motus Mori; an institute for movement heritage. They are going to collect, preserve and exhibit the endangered human movement, building on a constantly growing archive. In Motus Mori, the body forms the archive. More than 700 people have already donated their movements to the archive and are still preserved in the dancers’ bodies.
Started in 2019, Motus Mori is an ongoing research on embodied knowledge and performing history. The archive is regularly presented in long durational movement-exhibitions, performance lectures or movement-rituals in public spaces. In 2021 Katja opens the Motus Mori-gallery in Tilburg, making the archive accessible to an audience on personal appointment.

Museumtijdschrift, Edo Dijksterhuis: "Museum Motus Mori is a kinetic portrait of all of us. The way this comes to form, via the body instead of via the mind, is more effective, more direct and more touching than any video, photo or text will ever be."

NRC, Francine van der Wiel:"In Museum Motus Mori Heitmann collects, describes, archives and exhibits the minimal movements, we all make every day, but which immediately disappear. - the beauty and vulnerability of dance in a sophisticated concept."

Barbara Strating, Tubelight:" (...) most impressive exhibition I have ever visited. Museum Motus Mori confronts you with what we all have in common. Katja Heitmann calls it humanity."

website:  www.katjaheitmann.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katjaheitmann.dance 
vimeo:   https://vimeo.com/user29243567 

Die Münster Lectures 2021 finden als Zoom-Konferenzen statt.


Meeting-ID: 643 3086 1073
Kenncode: 884112


Die Münster Lectures werden großzügig gefördert durch die Freunde der Kunstakademie e.V.

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