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This page offers information about a programme of the University of Fine Arts Münster that enables refugees from any crisis area of the world to take up artistic studies or continue such studies as far as the capacities of the university allow. You will also find links providing information and external assistance for art students, artists and art historians at risk. Please note that some of the links also contain information for people in Germany who wish to help. According to German law, we do not take any responsibility for the content of external sites linked here.

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Freedom of art means freedom of artists. As a cosmopolitan university of arts committed to democratic diversity and peace, the University of Fine Arts Münster supports art students and prospective students from crisis regions when they apply for a place at our university.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the association "Freunde der Kunstakademie Münster e.V." (Friends of the University of Fine Arts Münster), which has set up an emergency fund and is collecting donations to support this programme: https://www.freunde-kunstakademie-muenster.de/kontaktspende. We thank all donors for their support.

Your journey to the University of Fine Arts Münster

The University of Fine Arts Münster enables refugees to take up artistic studies or to continue such studies, as far as the capacities of the university allow.

Guest Students

The University of Fine Arts Münster offers the possibility to accept guest students besides regularly enroled students. If you are interested, please contact the International Office at international[at]kunstakademie-muenster.de and 0251 8361 205 for individual clarification. In addition, art students at risk who become members of the university can be financially supported, e.g. for exemption from semester fees, by the Friends of the Academy of Fine Arts Münster. Please use this funding application.

Regular application for artistic studies

You may apply for admission to a degree programme for the winter semester 2023/24 within the next assessment procedure (April 2023).

Information on the application procedure can be found here: https://www.kunstakademie-muenster.de/bewerbung.

Should the capacities of the University of Fine Arts Münster be exhausted, you can authorise us to pass your information on to other academies/universities of arts.

Further information can be found below under "Further Information" and "Artists at Risk – External Offers".

In the following, you will find important links. These are continuously being expanded. We are also dependent on your experience and assistance. Please send important information you might have (links, contact persons, etc.) to kalender[at]kunstakademie-muenster.de for possible publication. Please also contact us if you would like to point out updates or if you find certain content critical so that we can act as quickly as possible.

City of Münster – Infos regarding Stays on humanitarian reasons

Explanations of the various options for stays on humanitarian reasons:

Study and doctorate in germany – Infos given by the City of Münster

If you do not have German citizenship or the citizenship of a member state of the European Union, your stay in Germany is governed by the German Residence Act. The City of Münster provides information on the requirements for issuing and extending a residence permit before, during and after your studies:

Learning German / German courses

International Academic Contact Point

On this portal, international universities are named, which offer Ukrainian students and scientists, the opportunity to continue their work:

National Academic Contact Point in Germany

On this portal, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) compiles extensive and diverse information for Ukrainian students and researchers:

Offers of the telephone counselling service / psychotherapeutic help

Information from the “Studierendenwerk“ (Student Social Services) on life in Münster

  • The “Studierendenwerk“ (Student Social Services) offers comprehensive information, for example, on living, eating and drinking, childcare and other counselling services: https://www.stw-muenster.de/en

Funding/financing study visits

Students at Risk – Hilde Domin-Programm of the DAAD

„Freunde der Kunstakademie Münster e.V.“ (Friends of the University Münster)

Information on financial support for refugees from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

For more information on funding, see "Artists at Risk – External Offers."

Other support services and sources of information:

Info page of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior

Compilations of various offers of help

Volunteering in Münster

Offer and find housing for refugees:

Queer Emergency Alliance:

Job search and job offers for refugees

Guide to trauma-sensitive and empowering interaction with refugees:

Recognition of foreign certificates and documents

Information from central offices and from federal and state governments

Health guide for refugees in Münster


How to donate:

The German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) has published a list of organisations that have been certified with the DZI donation seal and provides tips on how to donate: https://www.dzi.de/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/DZI-Spenden-Info-Nothilfe-Ukraine.pdf

  • The Rectors' Conference of the German Universities of Fine Arts has taken the anniversary of the war on Ukraine as an opportunity to publish a list of all the assistance offered by german universities of Fine Arts to refugees from Ukraine and other countries of origin:
    List of assistance offered by german universities of Fine Arts
  • https://aid-a.com/: Aid A helps artists and writers around the world to pursue their work by providing them with financial resources.
  • https://www.martin-roth-initiative.de/de:
    A fellowship programme aimed at artists and cultural workers who are persecuted for their work in their country. The scholarship means a stay in Germany or in the third countries and a supporting network.
  • https://www.pen-deutschland.de/en/writers-in-exile/:
    This organisation offers authors who are persecuted in their countries of origin a stay in Germany of up to three years. Pen makes network contacts with publishers and arranges readings.
  • https://icorn.org/:
    This network is aimed specifically at artists and authors whose work is restricted by censorship. It provides legal support as well as accommodation and job procurement. One form of support is through job placements or invitations to panel discussions.
  • Artist at risk.org supports artists worldwide who are being persecuted or who are refugees.
  • https://www.icfr.international/about-us/: The International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk supports filmmakers worldwide who are at personal risk.
  • Here is a collection of links from the German Cultural Council (Deutscher Kulturrat): https://www.kulturrat.de/ukraine/

Further sources of information:

Freedom of science means freedom of scientists. As a cosmopolitan university of arts committed to democratic diversity and peace, the University of Fine Arts Münster has a sense of responsibility for supporting refugee scientists.

Please contact the university if you have specific questions at rektorat[at]kunstakademie-muenster.de.

External offers and help

Further sources of information:

Transition – LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur, Münster

Transition is both a series of lectures and an artistic intervention. At seven public lectures and discussions with experts and cultural representatives from Ukraine and Germany, as well as from other European countries, democracy, integrity, and the understanding of culture will be discussed.

Programme and Dates: https://www.lwl-museum-kunst-kultur.de/en/exhibitions/transition-talks/